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Unity is the light that illuminates all.

Great things happen when like-minded people come together. It is with this simple but powerful notion that alumination was born.

Our 20th Anniversary presents the ideal opportunity to unite the Business School alumni. To bring us all together as one. To reflect upon two decades of remarkable achievements. And, more importantly, to shed light on the glowing prospects of the future.

The inaugural HKUST Business School Alumni Dinner heralds the launch of alumination. It is the start of something bigger. The birth of our Business School alumni nation.

Our proud community is bonded by a common culture of experience and achievement. The wealth of knowledge and resources creates boundless synergy and opportunity. A network of influence, expanding across the global stage.

Re-connect with your alma mater. Be a part of the alumination.
And join us for this “night of highlights”!


HKUST Business School 20th Anniversary